Life is too precious to waste doing anything less than what makes us happy

Human being say that, “We have a tendency to value a thing after it disappears from our life”. This is one of the life lesson.

As we pick up a book from millions, we see that people have shared their stories and life. Through that we learn something new which we never might have not experienced.

To make less mistakes in life, we enroll ourself in the bullet proof system of education, work, family, house and in the end you are killed by a mortgage. For example as a guitarist, you will take a guitarist as your master and learn to master that craft. But he also learns from others who had failed to become guitarist.

In the same way, a person learns from failure whether it’s yours or someone.

Why don’t we learn from the person who are on death bed. There are so many people who keeps telling that, “Life is too precious to waste doing anything less than what makes us happy”.

I hope people are able to learn the biggest lesson of life i.e. that you have to live it in your terms and if you don’t learn that lesson quickly in life, you have to reborn to live again.


Fight inside my head

I am contradicting myself. I said I won’t give up and keep coming back even when you will push me 10,000 times. Right now, I am far away somewhere fighting with myself. How I keep wondering she would never give up on me, then why am I able to do it. If that connection was so strong, then how I am still surviving this shit.

The fight is about doing what I want or respecting her decision and accepting it. How can I push myself on someone, when that person says no. I know that she is trying to stick to her decision and I am doing the same thing. But, we are not children..we are grown up adults. I understand that sticking to the decision is not right when you know the thing we are doing is wrong. We are not under any obligation to be the same person we were yesterday. We all grow daily and become wise. We have the right to use that wisdom and change our decisions. I know, for both the end if we stick together we will make things work. Suddenly, I look at my circumstances and realised I am not the best and she deserves the best. That thing will always hold me back and I lose power to walk in that direction. I know no matter what, if I fall or get stuck somewhere, then she would never leave me. What the fuck I am doing? It is the time where I have to stick and all I am doing is going away, just because she told me.

She pushed me away because of uncertainty. Unable to realise, I am best to deal the uncertainty. My whole life is uncertain and I believe that everything is going to be uncertain. That’s the truth of life, everything is uncertain because in the world people are not able to control themselves, how is it possible to make things right. You don’t make things right, you accept it and if you don’t like keep it with yourself and chase what you want.

This is an unending fight which I will keep fighting. I know even what to do, I know the answer to the question what am I going to regret. Why am I not able to act? I guess I just not brave enough to fight for what is right.

This is a scene from the movie The Amazing Spiderman 2. After watching this I bursted in tears and realised things are going to end. But there is hope and if you don’t find that, be one. I was shocked when such a movie is capable to hit me hard and teach a lesson.


The Quest

The library is the house of peace for Vidhi. Vidhi is tech blogger and she has only one constant love, which is books. Reading books and escaping the reality is her favorite hobby. Every Saturday, after building up her stress bar from work, she would visit Kitab Khana in evening. Books were her best friends because they neither demand nor complain anything.

Being binge on Sherlock series, Vidhi was drawn into mysteries. Always wandering in the fictional world, this time she went to the world of mysteries. Going through the shelf, she picked up the book “Cross” written by James Patterson. The heartwarming smell of the book made it more exciting and impatient. She ordered a coffee and hunted down a comfortable spot.

Just before she begins with the book, a note slipped out of it and fall beside her toes. The pale white note was dusty and had stains of ink. The note was folded and was titled as “The Quest”. Reading those word, she narrowed down her eyes as she was holding the note in wonder, “What is it?!”.  She started unfolding the note with the mixed feeling of excitement and anxiousness. The note read as:

“I am what you are seeking in the outside world. My guards are the Army and the Black Horse. My house is where people get amazed and wonder watching things made by you itself. I will help you to unlock your magic, you just have to find me. I am nearby you, open your eyes and have a look around. Come to the blue ocean in my house and you will find me.”

Her brain suddenly falls empty and she was clueless what the note means. She read the note again and again, yet she had no answer. But, her attention falls for two words which were the Army and Black Horse.

She rushed to the librarian and asked the old man, “Do you have any book related to the Army and the Black Horse?” Lifting his walking stick in the right direction of Vidhi, he said,” You will find everything related to the history in that shelf. Check the three rows from the top, you will find your book.” Acknowledging the polite answer, Vidhi nodded in acceptance and gave a wide smile. She briskly walks towards the shelf and started looking for a book which might be ocean blue, talking about the army or the black horse. After going to through the whole shelf, she could not find anything close to the riddle.

She sat on the floor with losing hope and started reading the riddle again. Her mind had started processing the information available. She concluded that the Army and the Black horse was something related to that thing. While the name of that thing was hidden in the sentence “My house is where people get amazed and wonder watching things made by you itself”. But the level of frustration inside the head was growing, which made it difficult to focus on the riddle.  Being a Sherlock fan, she knew the technique of mind palace. She closed her eyes and shut down all the thoughts and focused on words “amazed, wonder and things made by you”. She had to think smartly to bring the connection between those words. But the mind palace turned into an abandoned building and she could not find any connection with them. Without thinking, she went to the librarian and told him about the note. She handed him the note and asked for his help. After reading the note, he said, “Girl, this one easy. How could you not guess it! Am I smarter than young generation?” Without taking a pause, he continued, “The black horse is the Kala Ghoda and the Army is the Army and Navy building opposite the Kala Ghoda statue. Go and find your quest in that surrounding.” With the blooming eyes, she snatched the note with excitement and shouted, “Thank you, uncle. Bye.”

She sprinted to the statue of Kala Ghoda with a wide smile and started looking around to find that thing which might relate to the note. There was nothing amazing and wonderful around her as she standing on the crowded street where honking of cars muted all the others sounds. This time she removed her phone and typed, “Amazing places near the Kala Ghoda” and hit enter. As the internet was loading the result, she was getting impatient and could not even take her eyes away or blink from the screen.

The result came in the list format displaying Janghir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Regal Cinema, Bombay Stock Exchange and that’s all could fit on the screen of the phone. Vidhi’s eyes were glued to the Kala Ghoda Art Festival, as it was the answer to the riddle. But at that point, Kala Ghoda Art Festival was not being held. She fell again in the state of confusion. It was difficult for her to divert the focus from the black horse and find an answer. So, she started looking around the statue of Kala Ghoda, what are the places which are in the range of visibility. The place that caught her eyes was Janghir Art Gallery. As she was staring at the gate, she could relate the line “My house is where people get amazed and wonder watching things made by you itself”.

The gallery had flooring designed with diamonds shaped tiles, arranged symmetrically to mesmerize the eyes. The ceiling had some ancient paintings drawn as if the gallery itself had treasured all the stories of the Mumbai. As she entered the gallery, she was surrounded by wall paintings. Due to which her mind was filled with paintings and she started searching for ocean blue painting amongst them. Unfortunately, she did not find any. Now, she was about to give up on her energy level with hopes was going down. She taught that it will never be found by her. The last ray of hope was pushing her to move around with a blank mind.

While she was not looking for it, she found it. In front of her was a statue of the Greek man holding a book which was made of blue marble. However, she did not realize that and was about take further steps in opposite direction. But her backpack got tangled with the information stand and she was held back from moving. As she turned around to remove the backpack, she read the title as, “The Ocean”. As soon as, those words reached to her brain, it turned her into a statue. And her eyes gleamed in the excitement as she had unlocked the mystery.

She begins to read the description and came to know that the statute was a well-known philosopher who changed the mindset of humankind all over the world. Her excitement was growing, which could be seen as her bag fell off from her shoulder and she could not stand straight. She was checking the statue to find some secret button to hit and find a treasure. Pressing the nose, pulling the fingers, pushing the eyes inside..she tried everything to make things move. Suddenly, her elbow hits the book held in the hands of the statue and felt more than a marble. Raising her hands, she held the book and tried to remove it from the statue. This time, the book came out with little effort and she knew this was the magic which the riddle was trying to say as the name of the book was “The magic in human beings”.

Why can’t you?

I was happy fighting a lost battle
Giving up was unacceptable
I could do anything and everything
Without expecting anything in return
Just to see your face lighted up

I wish you might have given yourself a chance
I would do everything to make you dance
Why is love always crazy
You make my life a valley full of daisy

Using the words “I miss you”
Will never describe what I feel for you
Ofcourse, I love you.
Why can’t you?


Suddenly, one day I start thinking of her
Her voice is all I want to hear
Before dialling the number, I think
Take a sip from a drink and pray not to sink

She tells about the guy who misbehaved
I start thinking how much am I well behaved
I somehow fit myself in
After that, I have to face something big
She will describe her “ONE”
My heart says this will be fun
But her heart has already been won
I am not even near that one

I will not give up
I did not meet her to see them holding hands
Listening to her favourite bands
And withstanding her lame jokes
It does not stop, I insist her to sing
In spite of knowing that she is not good
My heart turns it into a melody

Next day, I get her office address snap
I cannot wait and end up ringing the doorbell
Looking at the smile, I forget my two hours commute
I hope that she gets a clue

Trying to remove her from my brain
I get into a morning train
Yet, she is in my phone with weird smiles
Deleting the pictures
I try to find my place in her life.


Love 2.0

Why the world says that love is complicated?
Because some are deprecated
It is wrong that love is happiness
It also includes craziness
Even the fights, anger and disagreement

My parents love me,
But they don’t fall on their knee
My friend is crazy
We hurt each other accidentally
Fights have made things alright
Because of that we talk overnight
Many things came home with disagreement
But all I could see was commitment

One thing I hate
Sometimes people forget to express
They want to put it on fate
or try to find it on the internet
Instead, they should just spend with someone watching the sunset.

Life is, how you see it!

It was not an ordinary Saturday evening for Shah family. It was a time where Dhaivant junior was going to enter the world. Things were about to change, happiness has already increased four times. Two people were entering a stage where they have to be calm, courageous and understanding. Love had already settled in the house before nine months and was growing day by day.

Clocking was ticking around, there was no one at home to have dinner and around 8 o’clock they could hear a sound of crying boy. It was the first and last time moment where parents were happy to hear the sound. All the dreams, which Dhaivant and Shanaya had been watching, had a face. No emoticons can explain their happiness, and words would not like to do injustice to it.

The junior was named Etash and was wrapped with love and care which would even make God feel jealous. One of the biggest dream parents saw was to make Etash believe that he is capable of doing everything, but he might good at something, worst at something and best at something.

Life was moving at its pace, but seemed like it was flying. Playing soccer, watching cartoons, riding bicycle with dad and making poems, going to park, learning guitar with mom, Etash completed his schooling years. Now, he was going to enter his high school and parents had anticipated lots of changes. They were aware world will definitely try to shake his beliefs. Strange thing about belief, once you see that it is not working in particular situation half of the faith is faded away. High school started, Etash started meeting people with different perspectives, habits, lifestyle and personality. His belief about himself was concreate, but life was about show him some real truths about himself.

Etash has been making rhymes from childhood and made small poetries with mom. He had never read poetries out of school books. So, he thought mom had taught him how to write poetries which everyone would like. Mom never mentioned that it was her writing style that she had tried to pass it on. Poetries are an expressions of experiences people had in life or sometimes their own fantasies. Walking down the high school staircase, he saw a banner about some poetry competition. As he finished reading, he ran towards the registration desk and registered himself. Confused all night, he asked his mom what should he write about. Mom said “Write about love, let’s see”. Listening that word, he got excited and hugged her mom. Only thing he knew about love was his relations with mom-dad and few friends. With that he wrote:

Why world says that love is complicated?
Because some are deprecated
It is wrong that love is happiness
It also includes craziness
Even the fights, anger and disagreement

My parents love me,
But they don’t fall on their knee
My friend is crazy
We hurt each other accidentally
Fights have made things alright
Because of that we talk overnight
Many things came home with disagreement
But all I could see was commitment

One thing I hate
Sometimes people forget to express
They want to put it on fate
or try to find it on the internet
Instead, they should just spend with someone watching the sunset.

As he read the poetry to his parents, they jumped and called him a poet. With the widest smile of his face, he went to high school and kept reading the poetry till the competition. As the lecture timed up, he went to the auditorium and waited for his turn to come up. His heart was pumping at the faster rate and as he entered the stage, he had goose bumps. He spoke his poetry with all the emotions he had, but instead of listening to clapping hands, he could hear only silence. He realised, it was not good enough to get the audience out of their chairs. His belief had shattered.

As he entered home, Mom and Dad could see everything on the face. Instead of asking him any question, Dad got his ice cream and Mom went to get something. Mom came out with a book which says “Best Poetries” and the author name was “Etash and his mom”. Mom said to him this is your style of writing and started reading all the poetries they had made till now. Etash realised that he has improved a lot and that’s all it matters. Finally, Mom and Dad achieved their dream of belief again.

(Writing Prompt: It is our job to protect the children of the world. For as long as they believe in us, we will guard them with our lives.)

The relation between Fear and Exercise

There is a relation between our fears and exercise. I am not sure whether I can call an direct relationship or indirect, so I will call it that a direct.

We all have some or other fears inside us. When we think about it, we want to conquer them. But we have to face them, we either run away or stand still as if we have lost all our powers to face them. My fear is to talk with people and meet unknown people. As soon as I see them in front of me, I get nervous, my vocabulary is flushed out my body and I start fidgeting with my phone and face. Last year at this time, I had General Management and Communication Skills course where I had decided to make people remember me. At the end of the course, I had memories of happy days.

But but, I did a mistake of concluding that I have overcome my fear. Those 15 days were not easy and things did not come naturally to me, yet the achievement made me believe that the fear does not exist anymore. After that my confidence had increased and I believed that I can face anyone.

After around 4 months, I got hired and I thought I would rock with new people in office. As the week passed by, my actions were not matching with my idea of making friends. My fear had grown back and I could not accept it. I already beat you, don’t come back.

In case of exercise, I am not going to say something new. When we exercise, our muscles start growing and we lose our fats and energy. When we stop exercising, we lose what we had gained by doing something. When a person goes to the gym and skips the gym session for 2 days, that person will not lose all the muscles totally, but some of it. At the same time, when the person stops going to gym for a longer period even for 2 months. then the person will lose all of the muscles that he gained.

The science of muscles is that it has a memory power like our brain. I learned that while I was learning guitar chords. Our finger muscles learn the pattern of the chords using the muscles memory. When we study why actors and actress are able to maintain a good body shape or get back into shape after being fat for a particular role is because of muscle memory. They have been in shape for a long period of time and due to which the muscles have a memory which is restored quickly and brings them back to shape.

Same logic apply’s with our fears. When we are facing our fears daily or within a short period of time, they lose power slowly and disappear. I realized, about this when I was trying to click selfies with strangers. It is one of a thing in my apocalypst. First time when I tried, I was shit scared and failed terribly. One fine day, I went to marine drive with Dhwani and could talk with one man and start it. As the time passed and I stopped trying to do it, I stamped myself that I won’t be able to do it again alone. Today, when I went to National Park with Darshan and decided we will click a selfie with the stranger, I was scared. I thought I will never be able to do it. But we did it and all the credit goes to Darshan. We took a selfie with 2 strangers. While talking with them, I was not communicating properly. It was horrible. I was trying to talk, but my face was covered with fear. I was in the situation where these quote fits the best, “If you can’t beat fear, do it scared”.

The conclusion is you don’t overcome your fear by facing them once. You need to face your fears every day and bring them into your routine. Just like going to the gym is your routine, facing your fears should be. Spending time with your fears will make you comfortable. So, if any of you are trying to conquer your fears, then keep on hitting them again and again like gym and make it a habit. After someday it will be your comfort zone.