The Pivot

The new job was perfect. I had nothing to complain about. There was no overtime, colleagues were helpful, boss was more of a mentor than a boss, but with all that came free time. That free time proved lethal to soul. Everyday was predicated before months and it would exactly in that same manner. I could not look up to anything which would make me wake up and spend my day in the office.

Lack of awareness inside stopped me from taking any actions. Losing interest never let me work any better. Inspirational stories all over the virtual world tried to push me, anyway it was virtual. As days passed, I could not tolerate anyone telling me about the work and responsibilities. My inner voice furiously back answered, “I don’t care, I don’t even want to do it”. That seed was growing rapidly and taking over the area. Unaware about me, my senior begin making me wait till late evening without any work. That leads to going outside office and roaming till the clock hits the closing of business hours.

My actions were monitored by my boss and one day he says, “What is wrong with you? You are not at all interested in you work. Tell me, we both will work on it and change it”. “Sir, I am not happy anymore. I don’t find any of my work interesting and most of the time I am sitting ideal. I don’t want money for warming my chair. I never earn those money” I said. He had nothing to say. Without thinking much he said “I don’t want to lose you. You are good and improving in your work. But I have to say that if you do not like this work, please don’t do it. There are thousands of different ways to earn money in this world. Most important thing is there is no reason to do things that you hate. So, if you want to leave the organisation let me know”. Replying okay I left the room with confused face.

My sir had told me everything what was going in my mind. It was an opportunity to get out of routine and live life doing whatever I want to. I have never encountered such an opportunity in my 23-year-old life. I had already made my parents happy by completing my graduation. Ofcourse, they want to see me settle in life, but this wish list are never-ending. My fear of failure was drawn away by my education. It was a rebirth of a child and that child had all the power to imagine he can be anything. Imagination will make him work for it and make it a reality. The question “What will I do ahead?” was replaced by “Why can’t I do that and this? Both of them are amazing”.

Next morning I go to his cabin and said “Thank you sir for showing me the right way. I would love to find it out what other things I can do. I have decided to take guitar and Photoshop right now. I will learn it as much as I can on my own and use my other talents to earn”.

After a two weeks I left my office. My smile could be seen from my face till my feet. I started working on my things without worrying much about future.


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