The relation between Fear and Exercise

There is a relation between our fears and exercise. I am not sure whether I can call an direct relationship or indirect, so I will call it that a direct.

We all have some or other fears inside us. When we think about it, we want to conquer them. But we have to face them, we either run away or stand still as if we have lost all our powers to face them. My fear is to talk with people and meet unknown people. As soon as I see them in front of me, I get nervous, my vocabulary is flushed out my body and I start fidgeting with my phone and face. Last year at this time, I had General Management and Communication Skills course where I had decided to make people remember me. At the end of the course, I had memories of happy days.

But but, I did a mistake of concluding that I have overcome my fear. Those 15 days were not easy and things did not come naturally to me, yet the achievement made me believe that the fear does not exist anymore. After that my confidence had increased and I believed that I can face anyone.

After around 4 months, I got hired and I thought I would rock with new people in office. As the week passed by, my actions were not matching with my idea of making friends. My fear had grown back and I could not accept it. I already beat you, don’t come back.

In case of exercise, I am not going to say something new. When we exercise, our muscles start growing and we lose our fats and energy. When we stop exercising, we lose what we had gained by doing something. When a person goes to the gym and skips the gym session for 2 days, that person will not lose all the muscles totally, but some of it. At the same time, when the person stops going to gym for a longer period even for 2 months. then the person will lose all of the muscles that he gained.

The science of muscles is that it has a memory power like our brain. I learned that while I was learning guitar chords. Our finger muscles learn the pattern of the chords using the muscles memory. When we study why actors and actress are able to maintain a good body shape or get back into shape after being fat for a particular role is because of muscle memory. They have been in shape for a long period of time and due to which the muscles have a memory which is restored quickly and brings them back to shape.

Same logic apply’s with our fears. When we are facing our fears daily or within a short period of time, they lose power slowly and disappear. I realized, about this when I was trying to click selfies with strangers. It is one of a thing in my apocalypst. First time when I tried, I was shit scared and failed terribly. One fine day, I went to marine drive with Dhwani and could talk with one man and start it. As the time passed and I stopped trying to do it, I stamped myself that I won’t be able to do it again alone. Today, when I went to National Park with Darshan and decided we will click a selfie with the stranger, I was scared. I thought I will never be able to do it. But we did it and all the credit goes to Darshan. We took a selfie with 2 strangers. While talking with them, I was not communicating properly. It was horrible. I was trying to talk, but my face was covered with fear. I was in the situation where these quote fits the best, “If you can’t beat fear, do it scared”.

The conclusion is you don’t overcome your fear by facing them once. You need to face your fears every day and bring them into your routine. Just like going to the gym is your routine, facing your fears should be. Spending time with your fears will make you comfortable. So, if any of you are trying to conquer your fears, then keep on hitting them again and again like gym and make it a habit. After someday it will be your comfort zone.