You scare the shit out of me

Even when I don’t say I like you
And I only show her that I do
At that time, She was fine

One day I said it
And what she said
You scare the shit out of me
I always want to disagree

For a moment, you make me a demon
I wish I could laugh like a comedian
That leaves a mark
Which I can only see in dark.


Why can’t you?

I was happy fighting a lost battle
Giving up was unacceptable
I could do anything and everything
Without expecting anything in return
Just to see your face lighted up

I wish you might have given yourself a chance
I would do everything to make you dance
Why is love always crazy
You make my life a valley full of daisy

Using the words “I miss you”
Will never describe what I feel for you
Ofcourse, I love you.
Why can’t you?


Suddenly, one day I start thinking of her
Her voice is all I want to hear
Before dialling the number, I think
Take a sip from a drink and pray not to sink

She tells about the guy who misbehaved
I start thinking how much am I well behaved
I somehow fit myself in
After that, I have to face something big
She will describe her “ONE”
My heart says this will be fun
But her heart has already been won
I am not even near that one

I will not give up
I did not meet her to see them holding hands
Listening to her favourite bands
And withstanding her lame jokes
It does not stop, I insist her to sing
In spite of knowing that she is not good
My heart turns it into a melody

Next day, I get her office address snap
I cannot wait and end up ringing the doorbell
Looking at the smile, I forget my two hours commute
I hope that she gets a clue

Trying to remove her from my brain
I get into a morning train
Yet, she is in my phone with weird smiles
Deleting the pictures
I try to find my place in her life.


Love 2.0

Why the world says that love is complicated?
Because some are deprecated
It is wrong that love is happiness
It also includes craziness
Even the fights, anger and disagreement

My parents love me,
But they don’t fall on their knee
My friend is crazy
We hurt each other accidentally
Fights have made things alright
Because of that we talk overnight
Many things came home with disagreement
But all I could see was commitment

One thing I hate
Sometimes people forget to express
They want to put it on fate
or try to find it on the internet
Instead, they should just spend with someone watching the sunset.


We are entering that age
Hoping this is the stage
Where we seek the final one
Whose heart we will have won
Life has given the hardest shove
We believe we still can love

Nothing is now fake
All that we need, is to accept those mistake
We will be best friends, lovers, soulmates and so much more
Daydream like a restless child
Share thoughts that are termed as wild

How can everything go right?
Sometimes we will fight
It will not be a good night
Days will change and be bright.

We will make love a play
Which everyone would continuously replay.

Kalyaniwalla & Mistry LLP

Seven months back all started
Waiting in the lobby whole hearted
Entered with excitement and fear
Memories of this place will never disappear

Breaking the stereotypes of office
Could God do more justice
Moment of signing the ball
Unforgetable goa trip
Wish those days could flip

Meeting people nice and rare
Suddenly world seems fair
For others, office is just another place
For us, it cannot replace.



Thinking of most peaceful word
Proved to him more harmful
Breaking it is not easy
Once done, will make him free

Worst sound experienced by his ears
Haunts his inner fears
Fading out all the glow from face
Wishing for some cheeks ache
His actions are slow and voice was low
Bring the scream out
Was a challenge for rollercoaster roll

Tongue was going through desert
He expressed like it never hurt
It made him so cold
That he could hear his heart pump and blood flow
Nothing could bring down that pillar
Which only made him a silent killer


One thing that everyone dream
The edge of the field which is extreme
Reaching on the top of mountain
Photoshoot at the beach
Screaming and laughing were a common thing

Whether be an introvert or extrovert
Exploring world is an urge
Destinations are same but ways are diverse
A belief that it can bring change
This drug is strange

Pushing your boundaries and breaking the limits
Imprints happy memories from few minutes
With that moments surely comes a silent message
Difficult is to interpret that language
Sometimes it makes you left out and surrounded
Which keeps you accounted and astounded
Journey surely gives you friends and lovers
Some people end up finding a career

Truth is it is over rated
Not everyone is meant to be stayed.

Life is a race
But he always has a slow pace
People asked him what was your childhood phase
First  he rely on football, but soon everything comes on the face
School was not the place where he grew
In the end he made friends few
College made him cry on the way
Kept him searching for one ray

This hardship started creating illusions
Which only brought him confusions
All he want to do is speak
But his strength is use to breathe
There were months in many years which made him invisible
Few moments that made him invincible
Living in imagination
Did brought him depression

Looking at someone was strongest he could do
Dreaming of early death, wish that could be true
People desire to stand outside crowd
Being in it would make him proud
In the end, only help he had positive self talk
And the silent walks.