The Quest

The library is the house of peace for Vidhi. Vidhi is tech blogger and she has only one constant love, which is books. Reading books and escaping the reality is her favorite hobby. Every Saturday, after building up her stress bar from work, she would visit Kitab Khana in evening. Books were her best friends because they neither demand nor complain anything.

Being binge on Sherlock series, Vidhi was drawn into mysteries. Always wandering in the fictional world, this time she went to the world of mysteries. Going through the shelf, she picked up the book “Cross” written by James Patterson. The heartwarming smell of the book made it more exciting and impatient. She ordered a coffee and hunted down a comfortable spot.

Just before she begins with the book, a note slipped out of it and fall beside her toes. The pale white note was dusty and had stains of ink. The note was folded and was titled as “The Quest”. Reading those word, she narrowed down her eyes as she was holding the note in wonder, “What is it?!”.  She started unfolding the note with the mixed feeling of excitement and anxiousness. The note read as:

“I am what you are seeking in the outside world. My guards are the Army and the Black Horse. My house is where people get amazed and wonder watching things made by you itself. I will help you to unlock your magic, you just have to find me. I am nearby you, open your eyes and have a look around. Come to the blue ocean in my house and you will find me.”

Her brain suddenly falls empty and she was clueless what the note means. She read the note again and again, yet she had no answer. But, her attention falls for two words which were the Army and Black Horse.

She rushed to the librarian and asked the old man, “Do you have any book related to the Army and the Black Horse?” Lifting his walking stick in the right direction of Vidhi, he said,” You will find everything related to the history in that shelf. Check the three rows from the top, you will find your book.” Acknowledging the polite answer, Vidhi nodded in acceptance and gave a wide smile. She briskly walks towards the shelf and started looking for a book which might be ocean blue, talking about the army or the black horse. After going to through the whole shelf, she could not find anything close to the riddle.

She sat on the floor with losing hope and started reading the riddle again. Her mind had started processing the information available. She concluded that the Army and the Black horse was something related to that thing. While the name of that thing was hidden in the sentence “My house is where people get amazed and wonder watching things made by you itself”. But the level of frustration inside the head was growing, which made it difficult to focus on the riddle.  Being a Sherlock fan, she knew the technique of mind palace. She closed her eyes and shut down all the thoughts and focused on words “amazed, wonder and things made by you”. She had to think smartly to bring the connection between those words. But the mind palace turned into an abandoned building and she could not find any connection with them. Without thinking, she went to the librarian and told him about the note. She handed him the note and asked for his help. After reading the note, he said, “Girl, this one easy. How could you not guess it! Am I smarter than young generation?” Without taking a pause, he continued, “The black horse is the Kala Ghoda and the Army is the Army and Navy building opposite the Kala Ghoda statue. Go and find your quest in that surrounding.” With the blooming eyes, she snatched the note with excitement and shouted, “Thank you, uncle. Bye.”

She sprinted to the statue of Kala Ghoda with a wide smile and started looking around to find that thing which might relate to the note. There was nothing amazing and wonderful around her as she standing on the crowded street where honking of cars muted all the others sounds. This time she removed her phone and typed, “Amazing places near the Kala Ghoda” and hit enter. As the internet was loading the result, she was getting impatient and could not even take her eyes away or blink from the screen.

The result came in the list format displaying Janghir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda Art Festival, Regal Cinema, Bombay Stock Exchange and that’s all could fit on the screen of the phone. Vidhi’s eyes were glued to the Kala Ghoda Art Festival, as it was the answer to the riddle. But at that point, Kala Ghoda Art Festival was not being held. She fell again in the state of confusion. It was difficult for her to divert the focus from the black horse and find an answer. So, she started looking around the statue of Kala Ghoda, what are the places which are in the range of visibility. The place that caught her eyes was Janghir Art Gallery. As she was staring at the gate, she could relate the line “My house is where people get amazed and wonder watching things made by you itself”.

The gallery had flooring designed with diamonds shaped tiles, arranged symmetrically to mesmerize the eyes. The ceiling had some ancient paintings drawn as if the gallery itself had treasured all the stories of the Mumbai. As she entered the gallery, she was surrounded by wall paintings. Due to which her mind was filled with paintings and she started searching for ocean blue painting amongst them. Unfortunately, she did not find any. Now, she was about to give up on her energy level with hopes was going down. She taught that it will never be found by her. The last ray of hope was pushing her to move around with a blank mind.

While she was not looking for it, she found it. In front of her was a statue of the Greek man holding a book which was made of blue marble. However, she did not realize that and was about take further steps in opposite direction. But her backpack got tangled with the information stand and she was held back from moving. As she turned around to remove the backpack, she read the title as, “The Ocean”. As soon as, those words reached to her brain, it turned her into a statue. And her eyes gleamed in the excitement as she had unlocked the mystery.

She begins to read the description and came to know that the statute was a well-known philosopher who changed the mindset of humankind all over the world. Her excitement was growing, which could be seen as her bag fell off from her shoulder and she could not stand straight. She was checking the statue to find some secret button to hit and find a treasure. Pressing the nose, pulling the fingers, pushing the eyes inside..she tried everything to make things move. Suddenly, her elbow hits the book held in the hands of the statue and felt more than a marble. Raising her hands, she held the book and tried to remove it from the statue. This time, the book came out with little effort and she knew this was the magic which the riddle was trying to say as the name of the book was “The magic in human beings”.


Life is, how you see it!

It was not an ordinary Saturday evening for Shah family. It was a time where Dhaivant junior was going to enter the world. Things were about to change, happiness has already increased four times. Two people were entering a stage where they have to be calm, courageous and understanding. Love had already settled in the house before nine months and was growing day by day.

Clocking was ticking around, there was no one at home to have dinner and around 8 o’clock they could hear a sound of crying boy. It was the first and last time moment where parents were happy to hear the sound. All the dreams, which Dhaivant and Shanaya had been watching, had a face. No emoticons can explain their happiness, and words would not like to do injustice to it.

The junior was named Etash and was wrapped with love and care which would even make God feel jealous. One of the biggest dream parents saw was to make Etash believe that he is capable of doing everything, but he might good at something, worst at something and best at something.

Life was moving at its pace, but seemed like it was flying. Playing soccer, watching cartoons, riding bicycle with dad and making poems, going to park, learning guitar with mom, Etash completed his schooling years. Now, he was going to enter his high school and parents had anticipated lots of changes. They were aware world will definitely try to shake his beliefs. Strange thing about belief, once you see that it is not working in particular situation half of the faith is faded away. High school started, Etash started meeting people with different perspectives, habits, lifestyle and personality. His belief about himself was concreate, but life was about show him some real truths about himself.

Etash has been making rhymes from childhood and made small poetries with mom. He had never read poetries out of school books. So, he thought mom had taught him how to write poetries which everyone would like. Mom never mentioned that it was her writing style that she had tried to pass it on. Poetries are an expressions of experiences people had in life or sometimes their own fantasies. Walking down the high school staircase, he saw a banner about some poetry competition. As he finished reading, he ran towards the registration desk and registered himself. Confused all night, he asked his mom what should he write about. Mom said “Write about love, let’s see”. Listening that word, he got excited and hugged her mom. Only thing he knew about love was his relations with mom-dad and few friends. With that he wrote:

Why world says that love is complicated?
Because some are deprecated
It is wrong that love is happiness
It also includes craziness
Even the fights, anger and disagreement

My parents love me,
But they don’t fall on their knee
My friend is crazy
We hurt each other accidentally
Fights have made things alright
Because of that we talk overnight
Many things came home with disagreement
But all I could see was commitment

One thing I hate
Sometimes people forget to express
They want to put it on fate
or try to find it on the internet
Instead, they should just spend with someone watching the sunset.

As he read the poetry to his parents, they jumped and called him a poet. With the widest smile of his face, he went to high school and kept reading the poetry till the competition. As the lecture timed up, he went to the auditorium and waited for his turn to come up. His heart was pumping at the faster rate and as he entered the stage, he had goose bumps. He spoke his poetry with all the emotions he had, but instead of listening to clapping hands, he could hear only silence. He realised, it was not good enough to get the audience out of their chairs. His belief had shattered.

As he entered home, Mom and Dad could see everything on the face. Instead of asking him any question, Dad got his ice cream and Mom went to get something. Mom came out with a book which says “Best Poetries” and the author name was “Etash and his mom”. Mom said to him this is your style of writing and started reading all the poetries they had made till now. Etash realised that he has improved a lot and that’s all it matters. Finally, Mom and Dad achieved their dream of belief again.

(Writing Prompt: It is our job to protect the children of the world. For as long as they believe in us, we will guard them with our lives.)

The Library

Krupa is a commerce student, being an extrovert, she would always make friends and had days plan ahead. Exams were going to end, she had already made plans with her gang. It was about to take an unexpected turn.

Behind her sits Adil, a cute boy who is always well prepared for exams and helped Krupa to score decent marks. Adil, being an introvert and a friend, was fascinated by Krupa. He wanted to hang out with her, but never really asked her out. This time he had decided to ask her out on the last day of examination. Entering the room, he waved towards Krupa and took his place. He said, “Today is the last day and I am super excited as I have planned something. What are your plans?”. She replied in jittery manner “Dude, I am not at all prepared. You have to help me otherwise I will fail.” Without thinking for a second he said, “I am always there to help you out. Don’t worry. I wanted to ask you something”. Stopping him in middle she said, “Adil, I hardly understand economics and I have also not studied every chapter. So, don’t you waste your time and ask someone who will help you out.”

“No, No, it is not about economics. It is something else. Actually, I don’t know how to say this” stated with few stammers. Krupa gave a blank look and Adil started speaking again with nervousness. “Actually, I have two tickets to a book launch event. Would you like to accompany me?” He asked. She turned around and started studying, which left Adil in blank state of mind. After a minute, she turned around and asked him, “You know, I am not into books. But which is this book? I hope it is some nonsense, so that we can joke about it later on”

Adil’s smile did not fade away till the end of examination.

After completing the paper, they both went to Asiatic Library, which is in the south of Mumbai. The book was about the magic and how four magicians robs a bank. As the event started, they sat and were listening wholeheartedly. Within 15 minutes, Krupa started yawning. She got up and went to get some coffee. She looked at the stairs and climbed up to explore a terrace, which showed a beautiful landscape of clouds, sky, sun and planes. She ran down and pull Adil from the seat. As both of them entered the terrace, forgot everything going around. They sat down with the coffee mug.

With the endless talks, time passed away and event had completed. Both of them were not aware until the lights started dimming in the library. But laziness and comfortable weather had wrapped the bodies, which made them think that when all the lights will go off library will shut. They decided to spend few more minutes.

After 30 minutes, they came down and walked towards the exist. Whole library was black out and the doors were locked. Both of them were scared and started screaming “Help! Help! We are trapped inside. Somebody please open the door.” As they started getting tired, Krupa went and sat on the stairs. Adil was banging the door like mad man. Nothing was helping them out. Krupa went up again to get some coffee. As they reached first floor, she saw some light from a closed door.

With heart filled with hope, she knocked the door to meet someone to help. As she knocked the door, the door opened with little push. Looking at light, She screamed Adil’s name. Adil ran up and stand beside her, looking at the strange thing. The light was coming from a book, which was on floor. Dust had accumulated on the cover as no one had touched the book in ages. The title of the book said was Goosebump. They were scared and tempted to open the book and know what was in it. But the fear had grown strong, made them walk backwards.

As Krupa banged the door, Adil got scared and kicked the book. The book smashed into the shelf and opened up. The room filled with the light and something strange was coming out. Look at the purple 6 feet inch chimpanzee like creature, they both fall down on floor. The red eyes of it, shut them up.

Next morning, both of them were not found in the library and the book was again lying on the floor as it was when they had found it.

(Prompt: You went to library and accidentally lock yourself inside)

The Halloween

It was halloween day. The city was decorated with the darkness. Yet, it was not a much trend to celebrate Halloween day, now things were changing. People here are attracted towards western culture and have began to adapt it. The pubs and restaurants in the town have special menu, themes and events on this day. Due to which, youngster were easily attracted.

Raj was planning one of the person who had never went to such events and his college group was planning to go. Raj was studying in N. M. College, one of the well known college, and his group did not have hardcore party animals. But, this time they decided to do something different and there eyes caught the Halloween day. All of them agreed to visit at such events organised restaurant, within the budget.

They decided to go to “He said She said” and the theme of restaurant was Batman cosplay. The advertisement was quite interesting and being batman fan, all agreed. 20% discount on the bill for people wearing batman’s t-shirt attracted them the most.

Raj, Bhavin, Harshil, Harsh, Riya and Prachi meet at 7 and left for the party. Bhavin and Harshil had batman t-shirt and they put it on. Same was with Prachi. Riya, being a show off, wore catwoman suit and she did look hot. Raj did not have anything related to batman. But he had a superman t-shirt and dawn of justice movie gave a lame reason to wear. He put superman’s t-shirt and a white shirt, but he could not pull it as Clark Kent.

As they reached, everyone entered with excitement and proudly showed the id cards stating above 19 years old. There eyes were sparkling with the reflections of lights, looking at the hundred of young people and few cosplay. They all went to cosplay section and see how everyone was clicking pictures with unknown. Looking at catwoman, few boys came and asked if they can click picture with her. In nervousness, Riya looked at others and they said “Yes, go ahead. That’s why we are here”. There were batman, joker, robin, catwoman, bane, harley quinn and many others dressed with props. Raj went to Batman and said “Hey can I click a picture with you?” Without waiting for the reply, he removed his phone. He clicked 4-5 pictures in different pose and said “Thanks Bat”. As he was leaving, he smashed with a girl and they both fell. The fall made them lose their grip on phones and it was on the floor. Hurriedly, Raj said “Sorry, I did not see you coming” and picked up both the phone. Handing the girl one of the phone, he left. Both of them did not realise that they had same phone and it has been exchanged.

Raj put the phone in the pocket and get back to the table. They laughed, ate and clicked photos. It was end of the day. They had lot to say to their friends tomorrow at college. One weird act that went unnoticed, as Raj removed his phone to check, the battery was dead and he could not recognise it was not his phone.

Next day, Raj could not wake up for college as his alarm did not rang. When he was awake from his peaceful sleep, he realised he was already late for college. He take his phone and switched it on. As the home screen appeared, he exclaimed “This is not my phone, Who is this girl?”. He switched on the data with a motive to know something and deliver it back. As he switched it on, he was shocked to see so many notifications. It had notification from Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Tinder and Happn. Within split seconds he judged that she was not so good girl and surely not a kind of girl to be a friend with. But at the same, time he was eager to see how she receives so many messages on all the platforms. As it is wrong to check people’s phone in his etiquettes, he placed the phone down  and started wondering where did he lost his phone. He recollected, the phone might be exchanged when he smashed with that girl yesterday night.

In that moment, the phone rang and he saw a message, “I think my phone is with you. Our phone has get exchanged. Please call me as soon as you read the message”.

(Prompt: You accidently exchange phone with someone at a party and don’t notice until next morning.)

Key to change everything

In interior of Rajasthan, there is a village named Dabi. It is place, where the 21st century had not taken over. People fear God, women fear men, men fear ghost, sickness was treated by babaji, school was conducted in unfinished buildings and so on. There is a one big mansion in the village which was owned by Rathore’s. Nobody resided in that, as the family had shifted to the pink city long back. It had a caretaker who used live beside the mansion with his family.

Ayush was the youngest heir of the Rathore. He was not like other college kids, he was smart, responsible, matured and was pursuing his dream to become an automobile engineer. As soon as his third semester exam ended, he and his friends decided to take a break from city life. Six people were ready to go out of Jaipur and spend 3-4 days. All of them were finding a place where they get basic amenities except proper network. Dhariya, his best friend, was aware about the mansion owned by Ayush’s family and suggested to visit it. Without even giving a second thought, Ayush denied it. With the picture of Mansion, all he could thought of ghosts and angry faces of family members. Why will be family members be angry? They should be happy as he was visiting the native place. But they might be angry because Ayush always denied to visit their native place.

At the end of discussion, all of them convinced Ayush to get the permission from his parents. It was surprise, when his parents happily gave the permission. Ayush gave a paper, in which, he had mentioned phone numbers of Dhariya, Vinit, Rachana, Prerna and Sunny. First thing Ayush did was to call Raju, the caretaker of mansion and told him that he and his friends are coming so please clean some rooms and make some food arrangements. They packed the bags, took dozens of maggi packets, bat & ball, guitar and mosquito repellents coils.

Next morning, the road trip began.

By the dusk they had reach Dabi. They meet the caretaker and within few minutes, there stomach started growling. Without forgetting, Ayush gave the envelope to Raju, in which his father had sent some money which Raju might require in this 3-4 days. After having the traditional dinner and putting on the pull overs, all of them made themselves comfortable in the huge living room. Chatting and giggling, Vinit started playing guitar and everybody started singing. With full loaded stomach and shouting songs, they started getting lazy and tired. Sunny kicked vinit and he left the soft couch. He realised that in no time everyone will fall asleep. But, there is one rule, when you are out with friends, you cannot sleep before 6:00 am in morning. He said let’s explore this mansion, it is huge as palace. We sure should collect some stories, besides playing music and cricket.

Listening those words, Ayush got scared and said “No, No, It is too big and I have heard ghost stories, which ofcourse are not true, but it is not a good idea”. Vinit s taking side of Sunny, said “There is no fun in doing something we used to do at our hometown. Let’s explore”. He caught Rachana’s hand and took her in the team without knowing her intentions. Within no time everyone was ready.

They took their weapons, which are torch, a bat for defense and cameras to record. They started with basement. It was small, spreaded with smell of dampness and home of rats. There was nothing interesting except bear face hanging on wall. They started climbing up and went to first floor. As they were using ground floor rooms, they had noticed nothing interesting. First floor was the mysterious one. The spiral staircase made it look scary. The photo frames of the fighter hanging in all the four walls with the pride on their face. To the left, was the balcony facing the lawn and village outside. To the right, was the courtroom. Outside the courtroom, there were two statues of the soldier guarding it. The chairs were laid on both side of the room and a throne like chair towards to the end of the room, which was placed on a platform showing its superiority. The dust had formed its layer on carpet, but made it worthless.

As all of them entered the room, they started role playing the characters as shown in daily soaps and movies. The chairs gave them authority to raise the voice and commands. They did not talk about taking over lands, but iphones and play stations. They started moving out of the room, Sunny took removed the spear from the hand of right hand side soldier and they heard the sound of stone moving. The sound freezed all of them and all the eyes stared each other. All the angry and scary face looked at Sunny and he dropped the spear. As they popped in the courtroom, they saw that the throne had moved with the platform and the darkness was seeking out. All of them went nearby and pointed their torch inside the black hole. They could see steps going downwards, which could lead to anything. Rachana jumped on the first staircase and without holding any fears shouted “We have a story and it is going to be epic”.

Ayush and Prerna were terrified and had not will to go in it. While Sunny was excited and Vinit was neutral, which was implying that he will go in. Ayush and Prerna decide not to stay up with few light. They slowly started walking down the stairs. Dragons and beasts were engraved on the sides of wall, while some stones had came out, some had palm prints on it. As the narrow path came to an end, to the other side was a closed room. On the adjacent side, the walls were decorated with weird masks of variety of colors. Only common thing it had was all of them had open mouth. In front of the eyes, they could see a chest box. The feeling of hunting down the treasure successfully could be reflected on their faces, even though it was not at all intended. Dhariya looked at Ayush and said “You are a son of a King”. Ayush with a wide smile said “I can not believe it. Is it true?”. All of the sprinted towards the chest and started wondering what could be in it. A chest always required a key to open it. They surely did not posses it. As they realised it, all the hopes went down.

But Sunny was thinking there would a key to open the chest hidden in this room itself. He said “If this room was hidden, then it is best to hide the keys of chest inside this room. Ofcourse, in a way only one person aware about it can find”. They spreaded out and started searching for keys at the entrance, below the chest, into broken walls and all the corners. Rachana, who is hooked with mysteries, did not forget the mask and started observing them. She shouted with excitement “Keys are hidden in masks. Definitely in old days, mask were used to decorate walls but also to hide secrets. We should try to remove all the mask”. She was trying to pull the mask from wall and it was not moving, which boosted the confidence and she said “I am damn sure, one of the mask will fall out and keys are behind it. Stop staring at me and start pulling.” All of them started pulling, but there was no success.

They tried all the mask except one which was out of reach of everyone on the top corner of right wall. Sunny climbed up on Vinit and they could easily reach the mask. Sunny could easily pull off the mask and there was a whole in the stone wall. Sunny removed the key and jumped off Vinit shoulder. He ran to the chest, called Ayush and said “Your highness, this belongs to you, please take the pain to open it up.”

Without hesitating, Ayush took the keys and opened up the chest. All they could see hundreds of gold coins. They all melted watching so much a wealth. Three of them picked it up and brought in the bedroom. As Ayush observed everyone had started dreaming about big things and how they can spend all of it. Ayush observed them and realised how all the gold coins can eat them and their family.

He was confused what to do. He wanted to express himself, but stating someone that you’re getting greedy was not right. But if not stopped right now, it would be late to do anything else afterwards. In decided and said “Stop guys. This does not belong to you. No wait. This wealth does not belong to us. Look at us. All of us has started dreaming of the things that we never wanted in our life. It is destroying us. If we take this to our home, same things will happen to our family. I don’t think so we should take it.” Sunny without thinking for a second said “We found it. It belongs to us. All of us”. Saying the word ‘ALL’ in high pitch. Without disagreeing Ayush said “I do not deny that we found it and it does belong to all of us. We just don’t need it”. There was silence in the room and everything was staring. There mind started thinking about what Ayush means to say. They all were convinced that Ayush was correct and looking inside in them, they felt the greediness. All of them in the same time said “What we should do?”. I have already thought of that said Ayush. Let’s go.

Ayush lead them and all of them went to the secret room and placed the chest where it was. Placed the mask where it was, but without keeping the keys where it was. They kept everything as it was and closed the door. Now let’s sleep and will do the remaining work tomorrow morning.

Next morning, everyone was awake and eager to know what Ayush has decided. They all had their breakfast and went outside. Ayush called Raju and asked for keymaker nearby. As they meet him, Ayush gave the chest original key and told him to make duplicate one. He instructed everyone “I will keep the new key with me. The original key will be hidden in the mansion itself. We are allowed to use the wealth only incase of emergency and to be more specific for health issues”.

(Prompt: You hand over a square silver key and ask to make a copy)

Mail Time

It was Diwali time in India. The festival of Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm and happiness, coupled with large helpings of lights and sweets. Just about everyone gets leave from their offices, colleges and schools. People go on vacation, meet and greet each other and enjoy their time to the fullest. Diwali is also the time when Indians spend their saved-up money on things they like to have or do.

Twenty five year old Jay was lying on his couch and binge watching Game of Thrones. His parents were enjoying themselves in Canada, along with Rupali, Jay’s sister, who had married and there. So this particular Diwali, Jay had no one to push him around on a routine. He could take his own sweet time to take a bath, to wear clothes, meet relatives — or do none of that, if his laziness took over. His current plan was to just relax and complete the tv series. Not a bad idea in the least, he mulled it over hours ago.

The hours and days passed by in a blur. Jay had been too worked up from his office routine, so the vacation was a perfect destresser. He barely left the house, but he wasn’t complaining. The frequent guests that appeared at his doorsteps for Diwali were enough to satiate his limited thirst for social human interaction. He wasn’t an introvert or a recluse by any means; no no. After a year working hard as the Head of PR for his Event Management company and dealing with hundreds of people through the weeks, he certainly enjoyed the little downtime that this Diwali brought.

One day during the ongoing break, he received an envelope by mail. Jay was curious and surprised, for this letter envelope did not look any part formal, what with its strange hazel green coloring and the tiny leaf border on the right hand corner. “Who even sends personal letters in this age?”, he questioned the Postman at the time of delivery, not really expecting a response to his rhetoric question. The Postman deflected the question off, “It’s got your name and address correct, so I only do my part with delivery”. Jay received the mail hesitantly but thanked the Postman with sweets nonetheless. It was Diwali after all.

He checked the details of the sender on the envelope, but it was unfamiliar. He had no friend named Dhruv, leave alone someone who would send him a personal letter in this age of phones and social media. He glanced through the address and number, straining his memory to try and recall, but all in vain. Hopelessly confused, he opened up the envelope. Inside the envelope was another smaller envelope. The smaller envelope was stained with what Jay presumed was blood, with the letters “F U N” scrawled over it with the same red blood-like ink. Jay’s confusion turned into annoyance and anger, for this seemed like a prank in poor taste for someone living alone. A part of him was also worried of what else was waiting for him inside, as his mind raced through a few different improbable possibilities in that short span of a second.

He decide to man up and open the letter. The letter contained a picture and behind that an address was mentioned with time. As he looked at the picture, his hand lost the grip and the picture slip away.

The picture had 4 things on it. First, an image of abandoned house. Second, A film camera or projector. Third, a dead man waiting. Lastly, words written “I am waiting”.

With all his courage and shivering hand, he picked up the picture and laid it on the desk. As his heart beats were settling down, the doorbell rang. It was another postman with a parcel. It was a gift for Jay. He took the parcel and greeted the postman. This time the parcel was tidily wrapped using the blue paper and a card was attached saying,”Happy  Diwali Jay”. With the excitement, Jay unwrapped the box and opened it. No expecting a dead doll stabbed with knife, Jay fainted.

(Prompt: You receive a package in the mail with a photograph in it.)

A Forest Tale

The summer had ended, but there was no clue of monsoon. The Earth was thirsty for water and release all the steam. The Gainswheel, was at peace where they experience sunset in one direction and windy forest in other. It was a suburb which everyone liked. Forest was healing people from the scorching heat. People always worshipped the forest and forest in-turn helped them.

Alice, a 11 year old, enjoy her dusk by sitting beside the french window looking at the forest and gazing at it how everything fades and leaves you at peace. All the time she dream of getting a glimpse of something unusual.  But she never did. Summer vacation was going to end within few days, yet something was missing. She wanted to have something memorable. But waiting for miracle to happen, just does not makes it true.

This is a different story.

Once again, she was gazing outside the window with wide eyes. She could hear the sounds of cricket and the whistling wind. The sky was violet and the forest has turned black. The bushes were moving and it was not usual. That thing was moving ahead. As the light was falling on it, the blur image was becoming clear. A husky like creature in red skin was walking silently towards the concrete jungle. The lips started getting a curve, thinking of it as a dog. As soon as she realised it was not a dog, her body hair started raising. Her eyesight confirmed it was Coyote. It was as wild as she could think and growing bigger as it was walking. The most unimaginable thing was happening.

Her mind told to capture the moment, but she could not move. It was the sign that some moments are to be captured through our eyes for yourself.  Squinting her eyes, she was observing every moment of it. She could see how the body was breathing. Finally, she observed that it was crying a cloth in the mouth. The cloth was being pulled down by gravity, indicating something heavy. Now, Alice has started terrifying. She was confused by what she should do and in every moment, Coyote was moving ahead.

She decided to handle the situation on her own. She went to store room, took her drum stick and a stainless steel dish. Incase of any emergency, she will start banging drum stick on the dish and scare it off. As she unlocked her sliding window lock, she saw that coyote had reached nearby and it was standing still like waiting for something. Both of them were looking at their surrounding in a confused state of mind. In no moment, coyote dropped the cloth in the bushes and started to run towards its’s house. At the same time, Alice heard the sound of crying baby.

(Prompt: A coyote stares at you through the living room window before dashing across the street.)